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"Kalpa tree" is the wish-fulfilling tree in Sanskrit, usually in the sense of spiritual enlightenment. A beautiful song from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, excerpted below, identifies this mythical Kalpa tree with Brahman, the Supreme Reality of Vedanta philosophy. Ever perched on the Absolute, the divine bird in our innermost heart is asked to sing its celestial song of God-absorption. This mystical aspect of the Kalpa tree inspired the name of Kalpa Tree Press.

Sing, O bird that nestles deep within my heart,
Sing, O bird that sits on the Kalpa-tree of Brahman,
Sing God's everlasting praise . . .
Sing, O bird, "He alone is the Comfort of my soul."
Sing, O bird, "He alone is my life's enduring Joy."
O thou wondrous bird of my life,
Sing aloud in my heart.

(Reprinted by permission of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, New York)


Kalpa Tree Press was established in September of 2000 in order to publish Centred in Truth: The Story of Swami Nitya-swarup-ananda (a two-volume set with 1,128 pages and 131 illustrations) and to offer it at a reasonable price. This monumental work gives readers a dynamic view of Vedanta philosophy and its forceful role in creating a truly humane world civilization. The global vision of Vedanta—originally preached in the West by the great Swami Vivekananda at the Parliament of Religions in 1893—was Swami Nitya-swarup-ananda's lifelong crusade.

The success of Centred in Truth in India and the United States prompted Sister Gargi (Marie Louise Burke), a prominent author and monastic in the Vedanta movement, to work with Kalpa Tree Press on several books she authored about Swami Ashokananda, her own spiritual teacher. A Heart Poured Out: A Story of Swami Ashokananda was published in March 2003 and is now in its second printing; A Disciple's Journal: In the Company of Swami Ashokananda, Sister Gargi's account of her spiritual training with Swami Ashokananda, will be released in October 2003.

Kalpa Tree Press will continue to publish works that deserve to be called contemporary classics. Our publications help readers understand how India's timeless philosophy can be practiced on its highest and deepest levels in a contemporary mode, and how Vedanta can spiritualize communal, as well as personal, thought and endeavor.





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