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Centred in Truth is the first major work about Swami Nitya-swarup-ananda (1899-1992), the brilliant monk who developed the renowned Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture in Calcutta, and whose odyssey over a lifetime was to bring India's perennial vision of human unity into the mainstream of global thought. He transformed many lives ("What I am today is because of Swami Nitya-swarup-ananda-his teachings, his guidance, and above all his love!" wrote Dr. Triguna Sen, the former Education Minister of India), and his plans to advance world civilization were supported by a global circle of scholars, public leaders, and illustrious friends.

Centred in Truth welcomes the reader into this charmed circle of friends. Its two volumes bring the Swami's loving presence into focus from many points of view-through biography and memoir, conversations and writings, reminiscences and memorial tributes. The purity of his personality and the power of his ideals will create a lasting impression on the reader's heart and mind. His story is full of the courage it took a visionary far ahead of his time to press forward with his ideas.

Centred in Truth received a fanfare of publicity when it was launched in India and consistently favorable reviews in the United States ("Highly Recommended". . . John Taylor, Midwest Book Review). It was nominated for the prestigious 2003 Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion.


Dr. Shelley Brown was a leading physician (hematologist) in New York City before retiring to devote full attention to her writing. A Vedantist since 1953, she entered a spiritual dialogue with Swami Nitya-swarup-ananda in 1987 that continued until the day he died. The result is an outstanding two-volume testament to this great monk's wisdom and accomplishments.

The author is available for interviews.

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